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EditOne LLC
Animatics, Post, Broadcast Graphics, AfterEffects. All digital, all uncompressed.
Founder/Chief Editor is Ron Harris, son of Judith Shepherd.

Deena Miller
Deena Miller is a song-writer, singer, performer, producer.
Daughter of Gayle Shepherd and Jimmy Miller (The Rolling Stones Producer--as in
"...went down to the Chelsea Drug Store and saw my Jimmy there....).

RSA works directly with advertisers, or functions as a phantom creative group for advertising agencies.
Print, radio, television, web sites, direct mail, corporate ids, sales materials, sales films.

George "Hound Dog" Lorenz
The official website of George "Hound Dog" Lorenz. A DJ from Buffalo, NY,
who was a pioneer in Rock 'n Roll. We'd like to thank his grandson, who while developing the "Hound Dog" site
discovered and sent to us two promo/bumpers for George done by The Shepherd Sisters.

Color Radio

Thanks to Wesley A. Smith for introducing us to Brian Lee of "Color Radio."
And a special thanks to Brian Lee for sending us a video copy of a TV show we appeared on.
"Color Radio" is heard every Saturday evening from 4-6 PM Pacific coast time on community radio KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA.
It can be heard live on the internet at

The record player in this photo is an RCA 45 EY-2 Phonograph Victrola. It's one of the first made to play 45s. They are still available on eBay. We recently purchased a beautifully restored/rebuilt one from Paul Childress.
for more information:

The Official Site of The Shepherd Sisters
The source of the information for this site
is The Shepherd Sisters.